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Season ended with Iltavilli winning with 90 of 90 possible points ********* Summer fun cup starting July 2nd
The Alfa Cup is an online racing league for GT legends, an online racing game published by 10tacle publishing. You can find more abot the game at www.gtlegends.com. Other good links on the link page.
Thanks to the guys from racesimcentral (www.rscnet.org) for hosting our forum !!!!

The purpose of the AlfaCup is to have fun together racing! As the name implies, the cup has originally been started as a one make series, driving the Alfa GTA, one of the most popular cars of the game. Later also the Lotus Cortina, which has about the same speed as the Alfa, has been accepted, but the Alfa has evolved as the faster car over the whole series. As you can easily find out by comparing our laptimes with GTL rank, Alfacup is quite a fast racing series, the laptimes of the best are very competitive. Still you are welcome if you are only an occasional driver! In the forum you will also find a lot of setup help, track descriptions and real fast guys that will help you to improve your lap times.

Alfacup seasons
First Alfacup series ended in May 2006. Please find the results by track, screenshots and some highlights on the Winter Cup 05/06 review page.
The next regular season, the Winter Cup 06/07, will start in September. Please find all information about WC06/07 here.

Until then we will have the "Summer fun cup 06", which is a short summer series from July to September 2006. All about the Summer cup here!

To register for the alfa cup, send an e-Mail to administrator@alfacup.de including
- your online name (the name you use in GTL)
- the name you use in the racesimcentral forum (if different)
- your nationality (for the leaderboard)
- the car you will race with

IPlease use an e-Mail adress that you check regulary so that you recieve information about upcoming events!
Your e-Mail adress will not be published on the public website!